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On this page the attorney summarizes and links to online articles that either (a) he wrote or (b) illustrate his standing as a legal authority. He also posts to this page legal information that may help immigrants and their advocates. In keeping with that effort, this page covers every public disciplinary action taken against any self-described immigration attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (as reported in the Texas Bar Journal) since 2003.

Dallas immigration lawyer sanctioned for ethical violations

An evidentiary panel of a State Bar Grievance Committee has penalized Juan Luis Burgos-Gandia for failing to (1) keep a client reasonably informed about his case, (2) adequately explain the case to that client, (3) keep unearned fees in a separate trust account, and (4) refund unearned fees. The panel ordered a fully-probated 12-month suspension and payment of $11,200 in restitution and expenses.

Domestic violence-based asylum claims survive Matter of A-B-

When former Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions III issued Matter of A-B-, it was widely reported that victims of domestic violence and gang-related persecution could no longer qualify for asylum. Though Mr. Sessions intended this result, he has largely failed. The Federal District Court for the District of Colombia recently enjoined asylum officers, in credible fear interviews, from following Matter of A-B- except insofar as it vacated an earlier decision benefiting married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave their relationship. Though unaffected by this injunction, most immigration judges likewise recognize the limited impact of Matter of A-B-. Two well-reasoned decisions granting asylum to victims of domestic violence - one issued in San Francisco, CA, the other in Arlington, VA - have been posted online.

Attorney again selected to write Texas Bar Journal's year-in-review article

The attorney's summary of last year's developments in immigration law appears in the January 2019 edition of the Texas Bar Journal . He authored similar articles for 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Two Dallas area immigration lawyers sanctioned

The Texas Bar Journal reported in December that attorney Rayan D. Ganesh was disbarred because (1) he had been found guilty of indecency with a child and (2) he had engaged in barratry and prohibited solicitation. It also reported the interlocutory suspension of Bilal Ahmed Khaleeq based upon his having pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit marriage fraud.

Fox4 News: attorney weighs in on Pres. Trump's proclamation limiting the right to apply for asylum

On Fox4 News last night, the attorney opined that Federal District Court Judge Jon S. Tigar was right to enjoin the imposition of Pres. Trump's proclamation forbidding border-jumpers from seeking asylum. The injunction rests firmly upon the legal conclusion that no president may override, by proclamation, the clear command of Congress to permit aliens to apply for asylum "whether or not at a designated port of arrival."

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