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On this page the attorney summarizes and links to online articles that either (a) he wrote or (b) illustrate his standing as a legal authority. He also posts to this page legal information that may help immigrants and their advocates. In keeping with that effort, this page covers every public disciplinary action taken against any self-described immigration attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (as reported in the Texas Bar Journal) since 2003.

Colleagues award attorney as Texas AILA Chapter Pro Bono Champion

At the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) annual conference, Mr. Zoltan received the 2019 Pro Bono Champion Award from the Texas AILA chapter. The committee presenting the award wrote, "Paul Zoltan rocks pro bono. He not only gives countless hours of his time to pro bono asylum efforts, but he runs a pro bono asylum clinic to help many lawyers from all legal fields [provide] asylum pro bono as well. He has changed countless lives, both asylum seekers' and attorneys', through his dedication to pro bono."

NBC News airs attorney Zoltan's criticism of police/ICE collaboration

Speaking on NBC News before a "Silence is Golden" class this evening, attorney Zoltan denounced the increased coordination between local police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Alluding to the Trump administration's view of immigrants as an "infestation," the attorney acknowledges he now discourages immigrants from answering any questions posed to them by local police: "Until this storm blows over, my advice to these people and others who attend my presentations is, 'Zip it.'"

State Bar sanctions another Dallas immigration lawyer

On May 9, the Dallas-based immigration attorney Nony Jude Menes received a public reprimand for neglecting a case and failing to keep a client reasonably informed of developments in their case. For violating Rules 1.01(b)(1), 1.03(a), and 1.03(b) of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, Menes also was ordered to pay a total of $5,000 in restitution and attorneys' fees.

Dallas immigration lawyer sanctioned for neglecting a case

An evidentiary panel of the Texas State Bar's District 6 Grievance Committee found Dallas immigration attorney Luis Roberto "Rob" Campos had neglected a case entrusted to him; failed to keep the client reasonably informed of developments in the case; kept from her papers, property, and money belonging to her; and failed to respond promptly to her grievance. The panel ordered a year's fully-probated suspension of his license and payment of $200 in restitution and $1,149 in attorney's fees. 

Attorney weighs in on ICE raids

On April 5, 2019, NBC 5 aired a report on the ICE worksite raid the day before that resulted in the arrest of 284 undocumented workers. In the televised interview, attorney Zoltan observed that the raid conforms to Pres. Trump's repudiation of the Obama administration's sound practice of focusing enforcement resources on (1) criminals, (2) threats to national security, and (3) newly-arriving aliens: "'At this point, those three priorities are now 11 million priorities,' said Dallas Immigration Attorney Paul Zoltan. 'Every single undocumented immigrant is subject to removal with very little in the way of discretion, very little in the way of clemency.'"

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