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Attorney quoted in article on Texas Rangers' sister's bid for asylum in the U.S.

In an article published last month in the Dallas Morning News, the attorney provided his perspective on the challenges confronting the sister of Texas Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos as she seeks asylum in the United States. Excerpt: "It is not a particularly good moment to be navigating the immigration system. Immigration has become a polarizing political topic and, according to Dallas immigration attorney Paul Zoltan, extreme vetting has made the process all that much more difficult. Zoltan said, however, that threats using Chirinos by name should help strengthen the case for asylum."

Time to call a spade a spade: We're engaged in ethnic cleansing

Nearly 5% of the U.S. population is undocumented, and 75% of these speak Spanish as their native language. Though they've resided in the U.S., on average, nearly 14 years, they're 44% less likely to be incarcerated than the native-born. They're scapegoated not because they're "taking our jobs" - they're not - but because many white voters fear the cultural, economic, and political consequences of Hispanic population growth.

Egged on by the racist taunts of a demagogic president - "bad hombres"! "rapists"! "under siege"! - white supremacists rejoice in the spectacle of swarms of ICE agents ransacking the homes of immigrants who's only crime is being here. What do we call this if not ethnic cleansing?

Entrevistado por Al Día, el abogado advierte al público del peligro de pedir el asilo sin la ayuda de un abogado
La semana pasada, salieron en el diario Al Día los comentarios del abogado sobre las dificultades que enfrentan todos los que piden el asilo en los EE.UU. sin abogado. En un artículo sobre la familia venozolana de María Sosa y Ronald Cedeño, el abogado ofreció sus observaciones: "Es muy riesgoso que no estén preparando su petición de asilo con un abogado.” Mientras que "es muy difícil defraudar al sistema," el costo de tantas precauciones contra el fraude es que los oficiales de asilo lleguen frecuentemente a la conclusión equivocada que un reclamo es falso.

DHS required to notify aliens of one-year asylum deadline

In a major victory for refugees' rights, a federal district court found last week that DHS' failure to notify detained immigrants that they must file any application within a year of their arrival violates Congress' intent to ensure that asylum is available for those with legitimate claims of asylum. The court ordered the government to

1) Promptly adopt a notice of the one-year filing deadline;

2) Provide that notice to all asylum applicants who have already been released from DHS custody;

3) Hereafter, provide notice to applicants prior to or at the time of release from custody;

4) Accept as timely filed any asylum application that is filed within the coming year by anyone detained by DHS or who has been released from custody; and

5) Adopt and publicize uniform procedures to ensure immigrants in removal proceedings are able to timely file their asylum applications.



Attorney: sister of Texas Rangers' catcher may be caught up in "extreme vetting"

Quoted in the Dallas Morning News, the attorney expressed his concern that "extreme vetting" may dim the asylum prospects for the sister of Texas Rangers' catcher Robinson Chirinos. 

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