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On this page the attorney summarizes and links to online articles that either (a) he wrote or (b) illustrate his standing as a legal authority. He also posts to this page legal information that may help immigrants and their advocates. In keeping with that effort, this page covers every public disciplinary action taken against any self-described immigration attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (as reported in the Texas Bar Journal) since 2003.

Dallas-based immigration lawyers recently sanctioned

The State Bar of Texas recently sanctioned Robert Clarence Newark III and Steven Todd Hayden for ethical violations. The former agreed to a 12-month fully probated suspension effective June 1, 2020.



Attorney authors 2019 immigration law year-in-review for Texas Bar Journal

For the fifth year in a row, the Texas Bar Journal turned to attorney Zoltan to summarize for its readers developments in immigration law during the prior year. 

Cómo ganar el asilo en los EE.UU.: Innovation Law Lab publica un video informativo

Innovation Law Lab publicó recientemente un video excelente que explica, en español, los requisitos legales para ganar el asilo en los EE.UU.

Former asylum officer denounces 'Remain in Mexico' policy

The Washington Post has obtained and published a four-page critique of the "Remain in Mexico" policy written by an asylum officer fired for her or his principled refusal to participate in the program. The author argues convincingly that "Remain in Mexico" violates U.S. law, regulations, and treaty obligations.

The America Team for Displaced Eritreans posts online Tigrinya translation of I-589

The nonprofit America Team for Displaced Eritreans (ATDE) has made available online a Tigrinya translation of the application for asylum in the United States, Form I-589. The attorney cannot attest to the precision of that translation, but knows the ATDE to be a principled voice for the rights of Eritrean refugees.

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