I just wanted to let you know that I got my green card already. I am very blessed and happy that we find you! Thanks to you, your assistants, and all of your help, today I am enjoying my life free of deportation. I am currently at [college], in Plano, I am working, and also I am working towards my driving license card now. I remember when I first meet you, I thought in my mind that I was not going to be able to have what I have today. But things changed for me for the better. I have no doubt that you are the best attorney out there!
Just a note to update you on D., whose case you so graciously took on. D. died in October. Had it not been for your help, he would have died in prison and not gotten to see his grandchildren and gotten to reconcile with his boys (now men). You’ll never know how many lives you touched. The poem [Starfish Poem] doesn’t mention the word “grace.” But that’s what you gave to D.’s family. Thank you and God bless!
I just wanted to tell you I'm doing better [and that] it feels different not living with the fear that I might be sent home at any time. My parents are planning on coming here to see me next month. I just wanted to tell you and your staff: THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I understand that this is your job, but the difference you have made in my life is beyond words. I will forever be grateful.
I just want to thank you for having handled my case with a very high spirit of dedication and unquestionable professionalism. It is imperative for me to recognize your generosity. Above all, you provided me with the highest level of confidence and compassionate care. I will always try to find time to ponder over your immense generosity. I can say you’re the embodiment of American kindness. I want to extend my appreciation to your receptionist [and to] every valued member of your staff. I do not have words to express what I really feel deep in my heart.
Thank you for handling our very difficult and intricate case with the utmost professionalism, dedication and sincerity. You have truly made a huge difference in our lives by bringing to reality our dreams of family unity and by delivering what you had promised us. We also thank your dedicated staff for their professionalism an genuine desire to help us in every way to prepare our case and to get us ready for our interview which was a success due to the unlimited hours of preparation and dedication focused towards only one goal, and that is our success at the interview put in by yourself and your staff.
La presente tiene como objective el expresarle nuestro profundo sentimiento de gratitude por su invaluable ayuda, acompañamiento, respaldo y professional manejo de nuestro caso de solicitud de Asilo Político ante el gobierno de USA. Quisieramos decirle tanto… pero realmente las palabras no alcanzan a expresar nuestra inmensa felicidad por haber obtenido la protección y acogida en esta gran nación, la que historicamene se ha distinguido por albergar a quienes somes perseguidos por aquellos, que equivocadamente se creen con el derecho de imponer su filosofía y creencias políticas o religiosas. Respetuosamente le pedimos hacer extensive este mensaje de agradecimiento a las integrantes de su equipo de trabajo. Con ustedes se comprueba aquello de que “un buen líder es aquel que sabe llevar y motivar a su equipo al logro de un objetivo.” Que Dios lo bendiga!
I just wanted to say thank you for everything you helped me and my family with throughout this whole process. This has been a journey. I remember when I first met you. I thought that it was going to be impossible for me to get my green card because of my situation. Now I look back and see that all the wait was worth it. Now I can say that nothing is impossible if you have the right person to help you out. You have been an excellent attorney, thank you for making things possible for me and for all your support. My family and I will keep in touch!
I wanted you to know that a seemingly simple word that your caller used to say to J. when she called made a HUGE impact on him. She simply said, “Congratulations” when she called him. She went on to explain things to him, but that word stuck with him. He kept saying that word to us over and over again on Sunday. I think he’s still in disbelief that this is going to happen. Sometimes we never know what a difference we make with someone when we do something that we think is insignificant. It was definitely not insignificant to him. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to personally witness anything that’s been this impactful on someone’s life before. It’s been a complete joy. Thank you again for the privilege.